Currents in Biblical Research 11, no. 3

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research includes the following:

  • Serge Frolov, “Sleeping with the Enemy: Recent Scholarship on Sexuality in the Book of Judges”
  • Jason Hood and Matthew Emerson, “Summaries of Israel’s Story: Reviewing a Compositional Category”
  • Coleman Baker, “Peter and Paul in Acts and the Construction of Early Christian Identity: A Review of Historical and Literary Approaches”
  • Bruce Worthington, “Alternative Perspectives beyond the Perspectives: A Summary of Pauline Studies that has Nothing to Do with Piper or Wright”
  • F. S. Naiden, “Recent Study of Greek Religion in the Archaic through Hellenistic Periods”

Currents in Biblical Research 10, no. 3

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research includes:

  • J. Kenneth Kuntz, “Continuing the Engagement: Psalms Research Since the Early 1990s”
  • Joel R. White, “Recent Challenges to the communis opinio on 1 Corinthians 15.29″
  • Dan Batovici, “The Second-Century Reception of John: A Survey of Methodologies”
  • Benjamin Edsall, “Kerygma, Catechesis and Other Things We Used to Find: Twentieth-Century Research on Early Christian Teaching since Alfred”
  • Simon Lasair, “Current Trends in Targum Research”

Currents in Biblical Research 10.2

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research includes:

  • Charles Trimm, “Recent Research on Warfare in the Old Testament”
  • Judy Diehl, “Empire and Epistles: Anti-Roman Rhetoric in the New Testament Epistles”
  • Hellen Mardaga, “Hapax Legomena: A Neglected Field in Biblical Studies”
  • Travis B. Williams, “Suffering from a Critical Oversight: The Persecutions of 1 Peter within Modern Scholarship”
  • David M. Miller, “Ethnicity Comes of Age: An Overview of Twentieth-Century Terms for Ioudaios

Currents in Biblical Research 10.1

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research includes:

  • Judy Diehl, “Anti-Imperial Rhetoric in the New Testament,” 9–52
  • John W. Olley, “Trajectories of Ezekiel (Part 2): Beyond the Book,” 53–80
  • B. J. Oropeza, “The Warning Passages in Hebrews: Revised Theologies and New Methods of Interpretation,” 81–100
  • Robert R. Cargill, “The State of the Archaeological Debate at Qumran,” 101–18
  • Eileen M. Schuller, “Recent Scholarship on the Hodayot 1993–2010,” 119–62

Currents in Biblical Research 9.3

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research includes:

  • Geoffrey D. Miller, “Intertextuality in Old Testament Research,” 283–309
  • Paul Foster, “The Gospel of Peter: Directions and Issues in Contemporary Research,” 310–38
  • Mark Batluck, “Religious Experience in New Testament Research,” 339–63
  • Daniel Johansson, “The Identity of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark: Past and Present Proposals,” 364–93
  • C.D. Elledge, “Future Resurrection of the Dead in Early Judaism: Social Dynamics, Contested Evidence,” 394–421