(Re)amplifying the Amplified Bible

Reading time: < 1 minutes At LogosTalk, Mark Ward has a helpful discussion of “how to use—and not to use—the Amplified Bible” for English-only Bible readers.  Mark comments, in part: The Amplified, when used according to its stated design, invites readers to deny this interpretive truism. It makes them think, “Ah, now I know what the Greek word here really… Continue reading (Re)amplifying the Amplified Bible

Review of Longman, ed., “Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary” in Logos

Reading time: 6 minutes Baker’s Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary (BIBD) was produced chiefly under the editorship of Tremper Longman, with Peter Enns (Old Testament) and Mark Strauss (New Testament) serving as associate editors. Logos Bible Software was kind enough to provide a copy of their release of the text for this review. In the preface, the editors highlight the difficulty that… Continue reading Review of Longman, ed., “Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary” in Logos

Logos Training Webinars

Reading time: < 1 minutes Logos Bible Software has done several webinars that provide excellent introductions to the platform for new users, as well as providing useful suggestions that more experienced users might find beneficial too. Current webinars are listed below. For a full playlist, and to sign up to be notified about future webinars, please see the Logos website.… Continue reading Logos Training Webinars