New Testament Greek

Learning Greek can pay great dividends in the study of the New Testament. Here are a few resources that may prove helpful for students of New Testament Greek. Choose from paradigm audio files, grammar and morphology, songs, and websites.

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Paradigm Audio Files1

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Grammar and Morphology

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1These paradigms employ the Erasmian pronunciation system. Credit for teaching the cadence system employed to me goes to Floyd Parker, Professor of Bible at Faulkner University. For help learning Historical Greek Pronunciation, see Chrys Caragounis’s website.

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  1. Since graduating from DTS with a ThM in NT Greek in 1984, I’ve used my Greek NT in the pulpit and classroom for 35 years. I took FF Bruce’s advice to “Read your Greek NT everyday” and have experienced the benefit of such a habit. There is no substitute for meditating on the Greek text daily. Start today!! Never quit!

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