New Testament Studies 57.4

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New Testament Studies
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The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes:
  • John Moles, “Luke’s Preface: The Greek Decree, Classical Historiography and Christian Redefinitions”
  • David Mealand, “Is there Stylometric Evidence for Q?”
  • John Ashton, “The Johannine Son of Man: A New Proposal”
  • Alan Bale, “The Ambiguous Oracle: Narrative Configuration in Acts”
  • L. L. Welborn, “Paul and Pain: Paul’s Emotional Therapy in 2 Corinthians 1.1–2.13; 7.5–16 in the Context of Ancient Psychagogic Literature”
  • Don Barker, “The Dating of New Testament Papyri”
  • John Goodrich, “Erastus of Corinth (Romans 16.23): Responding to Recent Proposals on his Rank, Status, and Faith”
  • Wally Cirafesi and Gerald Peterman, “Πίστις and Christ in Hippolytus’s De Christo et Antichristo: A Response to Michael F. Bird and Michael R. Whitenton”

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