New Testament Studies 56.4

The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes:

  • Michael Peppard, “The Eagle and the Dove: Roman Imperial Sonship and the Baptism of Jesus (Mark 1.9–11),” 431–51
  • Eve-Marie Becker, “Die markinischen Summarien—ein literarischer und theologischer Schlüssel zu Mark 1–6,” 452–74
  • Lee A. Johnson and Robert C. Tannehill, “Lilies Do Not Spin: A Challenge to Female Social Norms,” 475–90
  • Friedrich Gustav Lang, “Abraham geschworen – uns gegeben. Syntax und Sinn im Benediktus (Lukas 1.68–79),” 491–512
  • Jane Heath, “‘Some were saying, “He is good”’ (John 7.12b): ‘Good’ Christology in John’s Gospel?,” 513–35
  • David Briones, “Mutual Brokers of Grace: A Study in 2 Corinthians 1.3–11,” 536–56
  • Joshua W. Jipp, “The Son’s Entrance into the Heavenly World: The Soteriological Necessity of the Scriptural Catena in Hebrews 1.5–14,” 557–75
  • Alexander Weiss, “Keine Quästoren in Korinth: Zu Goodrichs (und Theißens) These über das Amt des Erastos (Röm 16.23),” 576–81

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