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Yesterday, I stumbled upon Nevernote, built especially for Linux users as an open source clone of Evernote. Despite what are, perhaps, the slightly ominous connotations of Nevernote’s name, the software seems to working reasonably well. It successfully downloaded all the notes in my Evernote account, and it allows searching and change syncing from a desktop client. The software seems like it can be a bit slow and memory intensive, but this performance issue may simply be a function of the size of one’s Evernote account. Also, nevernote doesn’t appear to have a built-in screen clipping tool, but there are several other methods of accomplishing this task.

Prospective Nevernote users can download the software from link on Nevernote’s homepage, or Ubuntu users can install the software via PPA as described here.

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4 responses to “(N)evernote”

  1. Kirk Lowery Avatar

    So, David, if I use Zotero, is there any real need for (N)evernote?

    1. David Stark Avatar

      I do use them together mainly because Evernote will let me search text in images that I’ve clipped—say, from pages on Google Books or (with the premium version) in image-only PDF journal articles that I might download from something like EBSCO or JSTOR. So, for it’s particular focus, I’ve found Evernote valuable but definitely spend more time using Zotero.

  2. Kirk Lowery Avatar

    And how does the FOSS clone do compared to Evernote? Does it recognize text in images?

    1. David Stark Avatar

      It does recognize the text just as Evernote does, as far as I can tell. The functionality is much the same, but so far Evernote seems clearly to outperform Nevernote, at least with my fairly large Evernote account size.

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