More Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Sales at CBD

In addition to the sale at Christian Book Distributors on volumes 1 and 2 of the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls series that Tod Bolen previously noted, the following volumes are also currently selling there at sharply reduced prices:

  • Volume 3: Damascus Document Fragments, Some Works of the Torah, Related Documents, $29.99 (85% off) + free shipping
  • Volume 4a: Pseudepigraphic and Non-Masoretic Psalms and Prayers, $22.99 (80% off)

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One response to “More Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Sales at CBD”

  1. Brian Davidson Avatar
    Brian Davidson

    Reblogged this on LXXI and commented:
    If you’ve yet to see this, you really should. 80-90% off a few volumes of the Princeton/Charlesworth edition of the non-biblical Dead Sea scrolls. This edition includes transcriptions, translations, introductions, and concise textual commentary in footnotes at the bottom of each page.

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