More Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

Bauckham, Davila, and Panayotov< "Old Testament Pseudepigrapha"
Richard Bauckham, James Davila, and Alex Panayotov

From Nijay Gupta,

The time is soon-coming for the release of the long-anticipated Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures edited by Bauckham, Davila, and Panayotov (Eerdmans, Nov 2012). . . .

At more than 800 pages (in 2 volumes), it will certainly be substantive. The attempt was made by the editors to collect non-canonical texts that pre-date the rise of Islam. (underlining for original italics)

Despite the misspelling of “Canical” for “Canonical” in the current product metadata, the work is presently available for pre-ordering at Amazon.

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