Major Zotero Updates Forthcoming

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Over the next couple weeks, Zotero users will see some major updates and new tools released, including:

  • A new, read-write enabled website,
  • Beta versions of Zotero standalone and its browser connectors, and
  • A redesigned interface for integration Microsoft Word and
For more details, please see the Zotero Blog.

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2 responses to “Major Zotero Updates Forthcoming”

  1. Kirk Lowery Avatar

    Glad to hear it. The Google Chrome browser connector and never worked for me and there hasn’t been an update to the alpha since February.

    Any idea how Zotero works with LibreOffice?

    1. David Stark Avatar

      Very well, actually. 😉 Since finishing the dissertation (which had to be in MS Word to meet a couple SEBTS formatting requirements), I’ve been using LibreOffice for just about everything and have been very pleased with how Zotero integrates with it. Thus far, the only problem I’ve had (which isn’t Zotero-related) is some instability when handling DOCX files, but this seems to be a general LibreOffice bug and resolves pretty fairly once the document is resaved in OTF. Zotero (at least from Firefox) installation for LibreOffice should go just like it would for

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