Library Additions (March 16, 2010)


Thanks to wonderful readers and the excellent folks at the Westminster Bookstore, the following arrived at our door this past week:

Synopsis Quattor Evangeliorum
Kurt Aland
Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament
William Holladay
Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament
Warren Trenchard
Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew
Miles Van Pelt and Gary Pratico
Hebrew Syntax
Ronald Williams

After looking wistfully for some time at the Gospels synopses at conferences and in catalogs, it is certainly nice to have one on hand. The Holladay lexicon is a welcome addition as the two-volume HALOT set can now stay on the shelves until needed rather than making the daily trip back and forth to campus. The two vocabulary texts, Trenchard and Van Pelt and Pratico, both contain, among other useful things, concise lists of cognates grouped by stem. Finally, Williams’ Hebrew Syntax, revised by John Beckman, caught my eye because of its copious keying of each section of the grammar to the relevant sections of several other major, biblical Hebrew grammars.

So, great thanks, again, to those who contributed to these additions. I am very much looking forward to putting them to copious use.

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  1. I also purchased the Greek only version of the Synopsis and — much to my grateful surprise! — I discovered it has a lot of goodies in the back that are not in the other versions of Aland’s Synopsis (i.e. Gospel of Thomas in Coptic and English et al). Enjoy!

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