Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 54, no. 4

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
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The latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society arrived in yesterday’s mail and includes the following:

  • Al Wolters, “An Early Parallel of αὐθεντεῖν in 1 Tim 2:12”
  • Michael Harbin, “Jubilee and Social Justice”
  • Gary Smith, “Isaiah 40–55: Which Audience Was Addressed?”
  • Don Garlington, ” ‘Salt of the Earth’ in Covenantal Perspective”
  • Gavin Ortlund, “Resurrected as Messiah: The Risen Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King”
  • Eric Johnson, “Rewording the Justification/Sanctification Relation with Some Help from Speech Act Theory”
  • Jason Sexton, “The State of the Evangelical Trinitarian Resurgence”
  • Bruce Davidson, “Glorious Damnation: Hell as an Essential Element in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards”

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