Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 54.3

The latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society arrived in yesterday’s mail and includes the following:

  • Josh Chatraw, “Disunity and Diversity: The Biblical Theology of Bart Ehrman”
  • Paul Wegner, “How Many Virgin Births Are in the Bible? (Isaiah 7:14): A Prophetic Pattern Approach”
  • Jason Parry, “Desolation of the Temple and Messianic Enthronement in Daniel 11:36–12:3”
  • Abraham Kuruvilla, “The Naked Runaway and the Enrobed Reporter of Mark 14 and 16: What Is the Author Doing with What He Is Saying?”
  • Mark Brighton, “The Sicarii in Acts: A New Perspective”
  • Veryln Verbrugge, “The Grammatical Internal Evidence for ἜΧΟΜΕΝ in Romans 5:1”
  • Jerry Hwang, “Turning the Tables on Idol Feasts: Paul’s Use of Exodus 32:6 in 1 Corinthians 10:7”
  • Michael Allen and Scott Swain, “In Defense of Proof-Texting”

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