Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 54.1

The spring issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society arrived in the mail late last week and includes the following:

  • Eugene Merrill, “Old Testament Scholarship and the Man in the Street: Whence and Whither?,” 5–17
  • Thomas Schreiner, “The Saving Righteousness of God in Christ,” 19–34
  • Frank Thielman, “God’s Righteousness as God’s Fairness in Romans 1:17: An Ancient Perspective on a Significant Phrase,” 35–48
  • N. T. Wright, “Justification: Yesterday, Today, and Forever,” 49–63
  • John Rhoads, “Josephus Misdated the Census of Quirinius,” 65–87
  • Mark Saucy, “Regnum Spiriti: The Role of the Spirit in the Social Ethics of the Kingdom,” 89–108
  • William Dennison, “The Christian Academy: Antithesis, Common Grace, and Plato’s View of the Soul,” 109–131

The essays from Schreiner, Theilman, and Wright are versions of their plenary addresses at this past November’s annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting. So, those who were interested in hearing these addresses but were unable to attend the meeting may find these three articles particularly interesting.

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