Journal of Biblical Literature 131.1

The latest issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes:

  • Carol Newsom, “Models of the Moral Self: Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism”
  • Jonathann Vroom, “Recasting Mišpātîm: Legal Innovation in Leviticus 24:10-23”
  • Suzanne Boorer, “The Place of Numbers 13–14 and Numbers 20:2–12 in the Priestly Narrative (Pg)”
  • Israel Finkelstein, “The Historical Reality behind the Genealogical Lists in 1 Chronicles”
  • Francis Landy, “I and Eye in Isaiah, or Gazing at the Invisible”
  • Jacob Wright and Michael Chan, “King and Eunuch: Isaiah 56:1-8 in Light of Honorific Royal Burial Practices”
  • Alec Lucas, “Reorienting the Structural Paradigm and Social Significance of Romans 1:18–32”
  • David Downs, “Faith(fulness) in Christ Jesus in 2 Timothy 3:15”
  • Jason Whitlark, ” ‘Here We Do Not Have a City That Remains’: A Figured Critique of Roman Imperial Propaganda in Hebrews 13:14″
  • Matthias Henze, “4 Ezra and 2 Baruch: Literary Composition and Oral Performance in First-Century Apocalyptic Literature”

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