Journal of Biblical Literature 130.3

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Journal of Biblical Literature
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The fall issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes:

  • James Watts, “Aaron and the Golden Calf in the Rhetoric of the Pentateuch”
  • Mark Leuchter, “The Ambiguous Details in the Blasphemer Narrative: Sources and Redaction in Leviticus 24:10–23”
  • Serge Frolov and Allen Wright, “Homeric and Ancient Near Eastern Intertextuality in 1 Samuel 17”
  • C. L. Crouch, “Ezekiel’s Oracles against the Nations in Light of a Royal Ideology of Warfare”
  • Ted Erho, “Historical-Allusional Dating and the Similitudes of Enoch”
  • David Sick, “The Architriklinos at Cana”
  • Roy Ciampa, “‘Examined the Scriptures’? The Meaning of α̉ναϰρíνoντες τὰς γραϕάς in Acts 17:11”
  • Tzvi Novick, “Peddling Scents: Merchandise and Meaning in 2 Corinthians 2:14–17”
  • Jennifer Glancy and Stephen Moore, “How Typical a Roman Prostitute Is Revelation’s ‘Great Whore’?”
  • Stephen Barton, “Eschatology and the Emotions in Early Christianity”
  • Theodore Bergren, “Gentile Christians, Exile, and Return in 5 Ezra 1:35–40”

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