Journal of Biblical Literature 129.3

The fall issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes:

Jewish Scriptures and Cognate Fields

  • Jonathan Burnside, “Flight of the Fugitives: Rethinking the Relationship between Biblical Law (Exodus 21:12–14) and the Davidic Succession Narrative (1 Kings 1-2),” 418–31
  • Michael Carasik, “Why Did Hannah Ask for ‘Seed of Men’?,” 433–36
    Steven L. McKenzie, “Elaborated Evidence for the Priority of 1 Samuel 26,” 437–44
  • Richard Whitekettle, “When More Leads to Less: Overstatement, Incrementum, and the Question in Job 4:17a,” 445–48
  • Brian J. Alderman and Brent A. Strawn, “A Note on Peshitta Job 28:23,” 449–56
  • Shalom E. Holtz, “A Comparative Note on the Demand for Witnesses in Isaiah 43:9,” 457–61
  • Benjamin Edidin Scolnic, “Mattathias and the Jewish Man of Modein,” 463–83
  • Randall D. Chesnutt, “Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 2069 and the Compositional History of 1 Enoch,” 485–505

New Testament and Cognate Fields

  • Candida R. Moss, “The Man with the Flow of Power: Porous Bodies in Mark 5:25–34,” 507–19
  • Nathan Eubank, “A Disconcerting Prayer: On the Originality of Luke 23:34a,” 521–36
  • Matthew W. Bates, “Closed-Minded Hermeneutics? A Proposed Alternative Translation for Luke 24:45,” 537–57
  • Angela Standhartinger,”‘What Women Were Accustomed to Do for the Dead Beloved by Them’ (Gospel of Peter 12.50): Traces of Laments and Mourning Rituals in Early Easter, Passion, and Lord’s Supper Traditions,” 559–74
  • Annemarie Luijendijk, “A New Testament Papyrus and Its Documentary Context: An Early Christian Writing Exercise from the Archive of Leonides (P.Oxy. II 209/p10),” 575–96
  • Ramsay MacMullen, “Christian Ancestor Worship in Rome,” 597–613

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