Daily Gleanings: Scheduling Change (2 September 2019)

For the past several months, I’ve been using the “Daily Gleanings” posts to deliver ten shorter notes per week—two per weekday—about things I’ve found helpful and think you will too.

Pretty consistently of late, however, I’ve sometimes had difficulty finding ten items each week that I really felt added value like I wanted them to. I’m not sure the precise reason for this. But rather than posting this way simply to maintain a schedule, I want to focus this series on what you may find most valuable, recognizing that not everything will add the same value for everyone. Biblical studies is a broad field.

Given all of this, starting today, I’m planning a one-month test for releasing one daily gleanings note per weekday, or five per week. That way, the series can continue consistently, but I can also be a bit more choosey about what makes it in. At the end of the month, I’ll see how your response was and decide whether this should be a more permanent scheduling change.

Of course, both now and later, feedback is always welcome. So I’d encourage you to leave a comment with your input.

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