Daily Gleanings: New Publications (21 August 2019)

Book cover for Vanhoozer, Newly out from Lexham Press is Kevin Vanhoozer’s Hearers and Doers: A Pastor’s Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine. According to the publisher,

The value of sound doctrine is often misunderstood by the modern church. While it can be dry and dull, when it flows from the story of Scripture, it can be full of life and love. This kind of doctrine, steeped in Scripture, is critical for disciple-making. And it’s often overlooked by modern pastors.

In Hearers and Doers, Kevin Vanhoozer makes the case that pastors, as pastor-theologians, ought to interpret Scripture theologically to articulate doctrine and help cultivate disciples. scriptural doctrine is vital to the life of the church, and local pastor-theologians should be the ones delivering it to their communities.

The volume is now available at Amazon and other retailers. It is also available via Hoopla for if you have access to that service via your local public library.

In the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, Jason Ripley discusses “Glorious Death, Imperial Rome and the Gospel of John.” He summarizes,

This paper attends to the multifaceted way in which John both embraces and subverts Roman imperial values in its presentation of Jesus’ glorious death, and it situates the Fourth Gospel within the ideological complexity of
the early imperial period as a means of more precisely discerning how the Gospel of John relates to Roman imperialism. (34)

For the full essay, see the JGRChJ website.

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