Creation in Second Temple Judaism

Joel Watts has a very intriguing “showcase [of] several motifs in Second Temple Jewish thought” related to the creation narrative in Genesis 1–3. To read the three-part series, click below.

As a whole, the series “survey[s] . . . how certain authors interpreted and perhaps used the Creation account as a means to [their own] end[s].”

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4 responses to “Creation in Second Temple Judaism”

  1. Joel Avatar

    Thanks for the link! It seems that many have found the same issues with Genesis as we do today.

    1. David Stark Avatar

      Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. I particularly appreciated the sobriety of the conclusion you drew from your survey of what can be a highly charged topic.

      1. Joel Avatar

        Thanks, David. It seems to me that all too often people want to cast stones for someone disturbing what ‘has always been’ without realizing that there is nothing new under the sun.

        1. David Stark Avatar

          Very true. If we learn to listen, inquire, and consider first, then our throwing arms might not get so tired.

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