Bulletin for Biblical Research 21.1

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This year’s first issue of the Bulletin for Biblical Research arrived in the mail last week and includes the following:

  • Michael Graves, “Scholar and Advocate: The Stories of Moses in Midrash Exodus Rabbah,” 1–22
  • John Lawlor, “The ‘At-Sinai Narrative’: Exodus 18–Numbers 10,” 23–42
  • David Lincicum, “Philo on Phinehas and the Levites: Observing an Exegetical Connection,” 43–50
  • Mark Matthews, “The Genre of 2 Peter: A Comparison with Jewish and Early Christian Testaments,” 51–64
  • Armin Baum, “Revelatory Experience and Pseudepigraphical Attribution in Early Jewish Apocalypses,” 65–92

In addition, among the other book reviews in this issue is my review of G. Walter Hansen, The Letter to the Philippians (Pillar New Testament Commentary; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009) on pages 129–31.

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