Daily Gleanings: Weekly Reviews (5 September 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

Todoist discusses the importance of having a weekly review and gives some helpful thoughts about what that process might entail. The essay comments, in part,

Moving from task to task each day leaves little room to be strategic about the big picture of our lives. Jam-packed days turn into hectic weeks. Busy months become a whirlwind year.

That’s where the weekly review comes in.

A weekly review is an opportunity to direct your life with intention. It’s dedicated time to think about the past week, reflect on what went well and what didn’t, and plan for the week ahead. It’s a chance to get aligned with your goals and ensure that the work you’re doing on a daily basis is helping you reach them. It avoids you ever having to ask, “What was I doing all this time?”

For the full essay, please see Todoist’s original post.