Tag: Textual Originality of Romans 15-16

  • The Textual Originality of Romans 15–16: Additional Evidence

    Beyond these general reasons that the perspectives of Baur and others on Rom 15–16 are insufficiently supported, several other pieces of evidence also converge to suggest that these chapters, much in the form in which they appear in the modern, printed editions, are original to Romans. On Origen’s testimony, Marcion truncated the epistle before the…

  • The Textual Originality of Romans 15–16: Responses

    The arguments against the authenticity of Rom 15–16 that have been summarized are, however, inadequate for several reasons, which including the following:

  • The Textual Originality of Romans 15–16: Objections

    Perhaps the most persistently thorny issues in textual criticism of Romans are related to: (1) the placement of the doxology, which normally appears in Rom 16:25–27 in modern, printed editions and (2) the cohesion of Rom 15–16 with the rest of the epistle. While distinguishable, however, these issues cannot be completely separated from each other,…