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  • How to Be Present Online

    How to Be Present Online

    If “online” means “moving away,” it supports checking out. But where it means “moving toward,” it can be a powerful way of being present.

  • Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education

    Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education

    What is the nature of spiritual formation? How is it possible to work toward formation in online education? Or, is it? Questions about Online Education In recent years, questions like these have often been raised and discussed. Christian institutions of higher education have grappled with market forces. They’ve wrestled with an increasing presence of online…

  • Spiritual formation in online, Christian higher education

    Spiritual formation continues to be an important element in Christian education. As Christian education continues to explore online modes of executing its mission, it is necessary for Christian education to give careful thought to the unique challenges that online modes involve for the spiritually formative aspect of its mission. As one more preliminary way of puzzling out how…