Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 58, no. 1

The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 58, no. 1 includes: Thomas Schreiner, “Some Reflections on Sola Fidei“ Gregory Goswell, “Having the Last Say: The End of the OT” Terrance Wardlaw, “Shaddai, Providence, and the Narrative Structure of Ruth” Brian Tabb, “Salvation, Spreading, and Suffering: God’s Unfolding Plan in Luke-Acts” Ben Witherington III, “‘Almost Thou Persuadest Me […]

Zondervan to LiveStream 2012 ETS Plenaries

From the latest Zondervan academic update: If you can’t make it to ETS, however, there is now a next-best option. We are sponsoring live webcasts of all plenary speakers, including E. Calvin Beisner, Russell Moore, Richard Bauckham, and Douglas Moo. Visit to RSVP and get reminders. Particulars about the plenary sessions, including scheduling, can […]

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 55, no. 2

The latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society arrived in yesterday’s mail and includes the following: David Chapman and Andreas Köstenberger, “Jewish Intertestamental and Early Rabbinic Literature: An Annotated Bibliographic Resource Updated (Part 1)” Armin Baum, “A Theological Justification for the Canonical Status of Literary Forgeries: Jacob’s Deceit (Genesis 27) and Petr Pokorný’s Sola […]