Tag: Rome

  • Daily Gleanings: Transportation (24 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about transportation networks in the Roman World of the 3rd century.

  • Judaism and Rome project

    The new Judaism and Rome project “aims to: give access to some important sources, providing as much information as possible: images, original text, translation provide the reader with an original and detailed analysis of each source, a service that is very rarely offered on the internet, and which makes this website comparable to a rich…

  • The Perseus Catalog 1.0

    According to the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University: The Perseus Digital Library is pleased to announce the 1.0 Release of the Perseus Catalog. The Perseus Catalog is an attempt to provide systematic catalog access to at least one online edition of every major Greek and Latin author (both surviving and fragmentary) from antiquity to 600 CE. Still…