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  • Daily Gleanings: Revelation (22 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about “Reading Revelation in Context: John’s Apocalypse and Second Temple Judaism.”

  • Keener on Romans

    This month, Logos Bible Software has Craig Keener’s New Covenant Commentary volume on Romans available for free. The companion deep-discount volume is Gordon Fee’s on Revelation, also from the NCC.

  • Sacra Pagina: Revelation

    Verbum’s free book for October is Wilfrid Harrington’s Sacra Pagina volume on Revelation: More than any other New Testament writing, the Book of Revelation demands commentary. Its often-bewildering text is easily open to less-than-scholarly interpretation. Wilfrid Harrington brings his scholarship to the Book of Revelation and conveys its Christian message. He puts the work in its historical and social…

  • Venerable Bede

    Treasures recently found: Explanation of the Apocalypse Historical Works (including Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation)

  • Irenaeus on 666 and 616

    In his Against Heresies, Irenaeus argues that 666 is a particularly “fitting” number for the name of the beast in Rev 13:18: since he sums up in his own person all the commixture of wickedness which took place previous to the deluge, due to the apostasy of the angels. For Noah was six hundred years…

  • “The Origin of ‘Alpha and Omega’”

    David Lincicum has the latest article in the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, “The Origin of “Alpha and Omega” (Revelation 1.8; 21.6; 22.13): A Suggestion.” Lincicum takes his point of departure from the fact that [Some] scholars have suggested that the title ‘Alpha and Omega’ in Revelation arose through reflection on the Greek form…