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  • 12 Reasons You Need to Read Your Bible

    12 Reasons You Need to Read Your Bible

    Critical biblical scholarship is irreplaceable. But even when you do this, there are 12 reasons you still need to read your Bible.

  • Read the Original Languages in Logos—without Cheating

    Read the Original Languages in Logos—without Cheating

    Biblical studies software can be a helpful tool—sometimes too helpful. Here are 5 steps to help you read original languages in Logos without cheating.

  • Reading for writing

    Cal Newport outlines the basics of how he reads when working on a project. According to Newport, The key to my system is the pencil mark in the page corner. This allows me later to quickly leaf through a book and immediately identify the small but crucial subset of pages that contain passages that relate…

  • Truly unmethodical: Gadamer’s “Truth and Method” in English translation

    I’ve sometimes had the privilege of teaching a seminar in which H.-G. Gadamer’s Truth and Method was the core text through which we worked over the course of the term. The work’s English translation is in its second edition, prepared by Joel Weinsheimer and Donald Marshall. This second edition, however, now exists in at least four different…

  • On the Web (January 26, 2013)

    On the Web: Phil Gons digests Tony Reinke’s suggestions for reading more. Logos Bible Software has added the 12-volume Clarendon edition of Aristotle’s works (1908–1952) to their community pricing offerings.