Moberly, “The Bible in a Disenchanted Age”

Due out from Baker Academic in January 2018 is R. W. L. Moberly’s The Bible in a Disenchanted Age: The Enduring Possibility of Christian Faith. According to the book’s blub, In our increasingly disenchanted age, can we still regard the Bible as God’s Word? Why should we consider the Bible trustworthy and dare to believe […]

Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter (April 10, 2015)

The latest reviews from the Review of Biblical Literature include: Angelika Berlejung, Jan Dietrich, and Joachim Friedrich Quack, eds., Menschenbilder und Körperkonzepte im Alten Israel, in Ägypten und im Alten Orient, reviewed by Mark W. Hamilton William P. Brown, Wisdom’s Wonder: Character, Creation, and Crisis in the Bible’s Wisdom Literature, reviewed by James Alfred Loader Martin J. […]