Daily Gleanings: Software (1 August 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

Zotero releases a substantial update to improve cross-compatibility among word processors. Zotero comments,

While this conversion process is required to move active citations in and out of Google Docs, you can also use it to move documents between Word and LibreOffice without some of the problems inherent in Bookmarks mode.

Zotero also provides step-by-step instructions for switching between all three word processors it now supports—Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Word.

For more information on this update, see Zotero’s original post.

I’ve previously mentioned PhraseExpress as a helpful tool for saving and quickly replicating text content. The tool works quite well overall and currently reports that it’s now saved me more than 66 hours of typing time (!).

A downside, however, is that it’s difficult to share content built in PhraseExpress with others unless they also use PhraseExpress.

Happily, however, PhraseExpander—a competitor platform—has created an export tool for Windows users. The tool does quite a nice job moving PhraseExpress content into a basic CSV format that can then be saved, manipulated, and shared outside PhraseExpress.