Daily Gleanings (19 July 2019)

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Peter Gurry highlights recent debate over whether the Muratorian fragment is a late antique fake.

Ever helpful, HarperCollins’s Unabridged German Dictionary (5th ed.) glosses “sentenziös” simply as “sententious.”

Perhaps we need a hashtag for “English vocabulary learned while reading German.”

Any ideas? 😉

Daily Gleanings (9 April 2019)

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“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy. Do what is great while it is small. – Sun Tzu” via Michael Hyatt

A little bit of research, writing, or anything done regularly and incrementally over time adds up to a lot with significantly less pressure to finish at the end.

CUP has a new classical Greek reference grammar. HT: Peter Gurry

"Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek" cover

Crossway video about the Tyndale GNT

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Crossway has provided a nice video introduction to the new Greek New Testament edition, produced at Tyndale House.

HT: Peter Gurry. Peter has also posted an initial review of the edition that links to those of several others as well. See also Tyndale GNT to Be Available for FreeTyndale House GNT, Harmonization Triggers, and TNT Updates.

The Major Critical Edition Data for Acts Is Online

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At the 2017 SBL, Holger Strutwolf made the Editio Critica Maior data for Acts freely available online. According to Peter Gurry’s report:

There are features in the interface for commenting on the variant unit and a link that will take you to the local stemma and coherence modules for said variant unit. There is also an option to see the unedited collation data, a list of patristic citations (fuller than in the print edition as I understand it), the Vetus Latina collations, and a nice feature which tells you how many conjectures have been offered for the variant unit and a link that will take you to the data in the Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation.

To access the text, see INTF’s virtual manuscript room. Although ECM is itself available also for the synoptics’ parallel passages and the catholic letters, the online version currently includes only the Acts material.

For additional discussion and a short video clip from the occasion, see Peter Gurry’s original post.