Daily Gleanings: Overwhelm (6 November 2019)

Erik Fisher and Tonya Dalton discuss how to move past overwhelm.

In this particular discussion, there is somewhat less attention given to the theme of “missing out” by not having certain things on our plates in the first place in order to focus on what we find more important.

This is acknowledged but Dalton develops it less here than she has elsewhere.

Instead, most of the episode focuses on how to start because Dalton identifies “not knowing where to start” as the core of overwhelm. So, it may be helpful particularly in this respect.

Daily Gleanings: Overwhelm (17 October 2019)

Michael Hyatt discusses how to stop feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s on your plate.

The possibility of experiencing overwhelm is certainly no stranger to those of us who have been in biblical studies for any length of time. So much of the discussion has pretty ready application to our context too.

That being said, some of it (e.g., the comments on delegation) may be less immediately applicable. But it’s still worth thinking creatively about different options that might be at your disposal.

For instance, instead of thinking about delegation only in terms of giving something to another person, you might find it helpful to think about delegating to software or a system. And that software or system could potentially be free or at least very cost effective.

A case in point might be using a reference and citation manager like Zotero.

Sure, you have to put some time into learning to use whatever tools you adopt. But if the tool will then do for you a good deal of what you would otherwise have to do manually for yourself, it might easily be time well spent.