Tag: Opportunity Cost

  • Daily Gleanings: Missing Out (20 November 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about the need to miss out on some things in order engage most fully with what’s most important.

  • Pro Tips for Busy Writers: Anthony Le Donne

    Pro Tips for Busy Writers: Anthony Le Donne

    Anthony Le Donne provides several pro tips for busy writers in biblical studies. Anthony stresses self-awareness and prioritizing your dissertation.

  • Inside “Yes” is “No”

    Inside “Yes” is “No”

    We like to be able to say “yes,” whether it’s to a person, an organization, an activity, an object, or whatever.1 But human experience works out such that inside any “yes” is also a “no.” A bias toward “yes” isn’t inherently bad. It keeps us moving forward. Where we start running into trouble is when…

  • Ministry and graduate school

    Jake Mailhot discusses “how to juggle ministry while attending seminary.” The post takes its cues from Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest’s Surviving and Thriving in Seminary (Lexham, 2017). Mailhot aggregates several lines of advice, but one particularly key piece is the anecdote that A mentor of Ben’s recalled writing in his Bible as a young…

  • Evernote on minimalism

    Although I’ve moved away from using Evernote, their blog still often features interesting content. Recently they’ve had a three-part series on minimalism that heavily leans on Joshua Becker (part 1, part 2, part 3). Among Joshua’s reflections that the series provides are a two-part suggestion for “saying ‘no’ effectively: 1. Figure out and write down…