Tag: New Testament's Use of Scripture

  • Edmund Clowney @WTSBooks

    Through September 3, the Westminster Bookstore has select Ed Clowney resources available at half-off, including: How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments Preaching and Biblical Theology Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament (2nd ed) As usual, the Bookstore has also included some related, free PDF or multimedia material on these books’ product pages.

  • Memory, Textual Variation, and the Septuagint

    James Tucker considers Timothy McLay’s comments regarding memory and textual variation in the use of Septuagintal texts, particularly 2 Kgdms 7; Amos 9:11 in conjunction with Acts 15:16.

  • Forthcoming in BBR: “Rewriting Prophets in the Corinthian Correspondence”

    The folks at the Bulletin for Biblical Research have very kindly agreed to publish a revised version of my presentation from the November, 2009 meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society: “Rewriting Prophets in the Corinthian Correspondence: A Window on Paul’s Hermeneutic.” To provide just a bit fuller picture of the essay’s argument: In the broadest…

  • Jewish Scriptures as Christian Memory

    Why should Christians care about Jewish scriptures and their theology? Bruce Waltke offers some telling remarks: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBoswQ9WhW8&hl=en_US&fs=1&] Consequently, Waltke’s remarks appear nicely to complement and extend Klyne Snodgrass’s recent lectures on a hermeneutics of identity. HT: Matthew Montonini

  • Jesus as Paul’s Hermeneutical Key

    Regarding the place of Jesus in Paul’s hermeneutic, James Aageson suggests that [Paul’s] hermeneutic is inherently theological and is governed by his experience on the Damascus road and its legacy. From a persecutor of the early church, Paul was transformed into a man with a mission to carry the name of Jesus to the Gentile…