Tag: Networking

  • Daily Gleanings: Conversations (18 November 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about how to be a better conversationalist, not least in professional networking contexts.

  • Daily Gleanings: Memory (11 November 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about memory and its improvement.

  • Humanities Commons

    The MLA has started a new initiative, named the Humanities Commons. According to the Commons’s introductory webinar registration page, Imagine a humanities network with the sharing power of Academia.edu, the archival quality of an institutional repository, and a commitment to using and contributing to open source software. Now imagine that this network is not-for-profit. It…

  • An introspective look at not remembering names

    Over at Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker offers some personal introspection on a paradigmatic case of forgetting a couple’s names. In part, Becker narrates, I was sad that I wasn’t able to remember something as simple as the names of two people I very much enjoyed meeting. … And suddenly it struck me. I entered the conversation—as…