Tag: Logos 7

  • Logos Cloud Basic

    To the standard and academic basic editions, Logos Bible Software has now added free access to “Cloud Basic.” Cloud Basic can be accessed via app.logos.com and run entirely inside a web browser. At this point, it looks like markup still doesn’t yet sync into the web app or into the desktop or mobile apps from the…

  • Free and Trial Biblical Studies Tools

    Mark Hoffman has updated his previous list of “free Bible software and trial versions” to include some of the more recent additions in the space, as well as a number of online resources. For further discussion, see also Trial versions of Biblical Studies software, Logos 7 academic basic, and Logos 7 Basic for free.

  • Getting started with Logos 7

    Logos Bible Software has provided a helpful current webinar about how to get started with Logos 7. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7RZa88Dneo]

  • Logos 7 academic basic

    In addition to Logos 7 basic, Logos 7 academic basic is available for free. Resources included in the package are sufficient to get one’s feet wet with the principles of how research in and with biblical languages work in Logos—namely: Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon Lexham Bible Dictionary Septuagint (Lexham English and Swete Greek editions) Lexham Hebrew Bible Greek…