Daily Gleanings (23 May 2019)

On theLAB, Dougald Mclaurin discusses how faculty can “work with librarians to help students write better papers.” Similarly, see also these prior discussions about how to use your school’s library or other libraries near you. From Brill: With the publication of Keeping Watch in Babylon, Brill is happy to have published the 100th volume of […]

Expanding Your Research Materials, Part 2

In the previous post, we began discussing how to expand your access to research materials as a biblical scholar. We focused on two library-related tips, and this post offers two more. Image by Janko Ferlič Use Your School’s Library If you’re already a student or faculty member, this suggestion might seem overly obvious. You’re likely […]

Expanding Your Research Materials, Part 1

Researchers need materials. For biblical scholars, this most often means books and journals. We’re responsible for interacting with relevant literature largely irrespective of how easy it is to access. But, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise some research savvy to access what you need more easily and cost effectively (because we didn’t get […]