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  • Justin’s Dialog with Trypho in Greek (redux)

    To date, one of this site’s more popular posts has been this one about W. Trollope’s Greek edition of Justin Martyr’s Dialog with Trypho. J.-P. Migne’s edition would, of course, be more standard. Justin’s Dialog is available in volume 6 of Migne’s Patrologia graeca, and that text has been made available online at: Documenta Catholica Omnia Google Books (copy…

  • On the Web (October 19, 2012)

    On the web: Jim Davila and Hershel Shanks, among others, pay tribute to the fallen titan, Frank Moore Cross. Michael Bird joins Joel Watts in reflecting on Justin Martyr, Xenophon, and the Gospels. The Cornell University Library has a collection of Eleusinian inscription images available (HT: Charles Jones).