New Testament Studies 59, no. 3

The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes: Joel Marcus, “Passover and Last Supper Revisited” Klaus B. Haacker, “Der Geist und das Reich im Lukanischen Werk: Konkurrenz oder Konvergenz zwischen Pneumatologie und Eschatologie?” Anthony Le Donne, “The Improper Temple Offering of Ananias and Sapphira” Richard Last, “The Election of Officers in the Corinthian Christ-Group” Joel […]

Journal of Biblical Literature 131, no. 2

The Journal of Biblical Literature 131, no. 2 includes: Morten H. Jensen, “Climate, Droughts, Wars, and Famines in Galilee as a Background for Understanding the Historical Jesus” James M. Trotter, “Death of the אלהים in Psalm 82” Molly M. Zahn, “Genre and Rewritten Scripture: A Reassessment” Michael M. Winter, “Interlopers Reunited: The Early Translators of Ben […]