Daily Gleanings (29 April 2019)

The content of the Lead to Win podcast is somewhat slanted toward entrepreneurs and other business leaders. But the content is often directly applicable to life in the academy. In that vein, they’ve had two episodes recently with some good advice on the topic of increasing focus and avoiding distraction: 3 Actions to Beat Your […]

Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter (March 16, 2013)

The latest reviews from the Review of Biblical Literature include: Jewish Scriptures and Cognate Studies Keith Bodner, Jeroboam’s Royal Drama, reviewed by Mark McEntire Erhard S. Gerstenberger, Israel in the Persian Period: The Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E., reviewed by John Engle Edwin M. Good, Genesis 1–11: Tales of the Earliest World, reviewed by Brian D. Russell Michelle J. Levine, Nahmanides […]