Levy, “Medieval Biblical Interpretation”

Due out from Baker Academic in February 2018 is Ian Levy’s Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation: The Senses of Scripture in Premodern Exegesis. According to the book’s blub, Does medieval hermeneutics have continuing relevance in an age dominated by the historical-critical method? Ian Christopher Levy asserts that it does. Levy shows that we must affirm both […]

Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter (March 20, 2015)

The latest reviews from the Review of Biblical Literature include: Alex Damm, Ancient Rhetoric and the Synoptic Problem: Clarifying Markan Priority, reviewed by C. Clifton Black Michael Fieger, Jutta Krispenz, and Jörg Lanckau, eds., Wörterbuch alttestamentlicher Motive, reviewed by Trent Butler John Harrison and James D. Dvorak, eds., The New Testament Church: The Challenge of Developing Ecclesiologies, reviewed […]

Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter (July 6, 2012)

The latest reviews from the Review of Biblical Literature include: Jewish Scriptures and Cognate Studies Milton Eng, The Days of Our Years: A Lexical Semantic Study of the Life Cycle in Biblical Israel, reviewed by Paul Korchin Kristen H. Lindbeck, Elijah and the Rabbis: Story and Theology, reviewed by Sonya S. Cronin Hayim Tadmor; ed. Mordechai Cogan, […]