Tag: History of Interpretation

  • Daily Gleanings: Romans (27 December 2019)

    Chris Tilling has a very fine two-part lecture on Karl Barth’s commentary on Romans.

  • The Expositor’s Greek Testament

    The Expositor’s Greek Testament

    The Expositor’s Greek Testament is now dated, but it preserves some keen exegetical insights that more recent commentators have continued to find helpful.

  • Calvin’s commentaries

    John Calvin’s commentaries have been brought into varying English versions. The version published in Edinburgh by Calvin Translation Society, 1844–1856, is the version that has been reprinted by Baker Academic and Logos Bible Software (affiliate disclosure). Many of these volumes are openly available online. Below is a list with links to those that I’ve located…

  • Ad fontes @Logos

    I’ve previously mentioned Michael Graves’s Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church (Fortress, 2017).  The text is part of a projected 8-volume series. Logos Bible Software now has the first four volumes available for order via their pre-publication program. This includes Michael Graves, ed., Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church’ Maria E. Doerfler and George Kalantzis, eds., Church…

  • Graves, ed., “Biblical interpretation in the early church”

    Available in Fortress’s Ad fontes series is Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church, edited by Michael Graves. According to the volume’s blurb, Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church is part of Ad Fontes: Early Christian Sources, a series designed to present ancient Christian texts essential to an understanding of Christian theology, ecclesiology, and practice. The books in…

  • Logos celebrates 25 years

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Logos Bible Software, Logos is giving users $25 of credit toward orders at Logos.com before 1 March. Originally, the offer had been limited to credit toward a select number of resources but has since been expanded to “any order on logos.com.” Combined with academic pricing, the offer coupon code,…