Tag: Historical Criticism

  • Fitzmyer for Free

    This month, Verbum has Joseph Fitzmyer’s Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Paulist, 2009) available for free. The $0.99 companion volume is Fitzmyer’s Interpretation of Scripture: In Defense of the Historical-Critical Method (Paulist, 2008). Verbum products will download, integrate, and run with Logos-branded engines and base packages also.

  • Lectures on Solomon

    According to Todd Bolen, The Memory and Identity Working Group, University of California, Berkeley is hosting a lecture entitled “Mining for Solomon” by Professor Steven Weitzman (Stanford University) on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. For more information, see here.

  • Second Temple Literature as a “Cultural Script”

    While reading Darrell Bock’s Studying the Historical Jesus in preparation for class this fall, I came across the following, insightful comment: Every culture has its “cultural script” that is assumed in its communication. These [Second Temple Jewish] sources help us get a reading on the cultural script at work in the time of Jesus. They…

  • Themelios 35.2

    The mid-year issue of Themelios is now available, and it includes: Carl Trueman, “Minority Report: Not in the Public Interest” Fred G. Zaspel, “B. B. Warfield on Creation and Evolution” Denny Burk, “Why Evangelicals Should Ignore Brian McLaren: How the New Testament Requires Evangelicals to Render a Judgement on the Moral Status of Homosexuality” Stephen…

  • Jesus and History

    In his Jesus Remembered, James Dunn makes the following, insightful observations about the interplay between the study of Jesus and the study of history: For those within the Christian tradition of faith, the issue [of Jesus’ relationship to history] is even more important. Christian belief in the incarnation, in the events of long ago in…