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  • How Do You Choose a Good Research Topic?

    How Do You Choose a Good Research Topic?

    The ability to “see what is questionable” and to ask questions accordingly is the first step in choosing a good research topic.

  • Daily Gleanings: Scripture (30 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings from Joe Gordon based on his book “Divine Scripture in Human Understanding.”

  • Daily Gleanings: New Publications (24 July 2019)

    In the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 62.2 (353–69), Greg Goswell contemplates “Reading Romans after the Book of Acts.” According to the abstract, The Acts-Romans sequence, such as found in the Latin manuscript tradition and familiar to readers of the English Bible, is hermeneutically significant and fruitful. Early readers had good reason to place…

  • Daily Gleanings (29 May 2019)

    Freedom introduces Pause, a new Chrome extension that enforces a short pause before allowing you to open distracting websites. According to the extension’s description, When loading a distracting website, Pause creates a gentle interruption by displaying a calming green screen.  After pausing for 5 seconds, you can then choose to continue to the site –…

  • The Fusion of Rhetoric and Hermeneutics

    The Fusion of Rhetoric and Hermeneutics

    At first glance, rhetoric and hermeneutics are quite different things.1 Rhetoric deals with argument and persuasion, hermeneutics with examination and understanding. But, if we look more closely, they comingle in a way that makes them inseparable. To begin, both rhetorical and hermeneutical reflection take the form of considering existing practice (21).2 Already in the earliest…

  • Moltmann and Ricoeur in Dialog

    At the Logos Academic Blog, Stephen Chan has a substantive essay on interaction between Jürgen Moltmann and Paul Ricoeur that focuses on the centrality of hope to Christian eschatology. In part, Chan suggests: If symbols do give rise to thought … , then the symbolic language of biblical apocalyptic literature is irreducible and too important…