Tag: Greek Versions

  • Septuagint on Google Books

    Google Books has volume 1, part 1 of the Cambridge Septuagint available as a free, full-text PDF. Also available is Hatch and Redpath’s concordance to the Septuagint and its accompanying supplement. Hatch and Redpath’s work does have some difficulties. But it can still prove to be a useful tool if cross-checked adequately.

  • Rahlfs, Septuaginta-Studien

    Internet Archive has the full text of Alfred Rahlf’s 1911 volume on the Lucianic recension of Kings in Septuaginta-Studein (vol. 3). The Archive also provides access to the earlier volumes on Kings (vol. 1: 1904) and Psalms (vol. 2: 1907) in a variety of formats.

  • Praying with Jesus

    To demonstrate the superiority of Jesus’ sacrifice to those previously offered under the Torah, the writer to the Hebrews quotes a version of Ps 40:6–8 (Eng; 40:7–9 HB; 39:7–9 OG; Heb 10:5–9).1 In so doing, Hebrews fairly clearly situates its rendition of this psalm’s words as Jesus’ own (cf. Heb 10:10).2 If one were to…

  • Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the Greek Bible

    Logos Bible Software offers syntax graphs for “the LXX Deuterocanon/Apocrypha”: The Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the LXX Deuterocanon/Apocrypha is a syntactic analysis of the entire Greek text of the LXX Deuterocanon and Apocrypha using the The Old Testament in Greek edited by Henry Barclay Swete. The database includes graphs that display the syntactic structure of these…

  • Göttingen May Be Fairly Close After All

    A while back, when I finally decided to preorder the Göttingen Septuagint from Logos before the initial, pre-publication special ended, and when I did so, I was quite prepared to wait several years before this resource actually went through and came out of development. Yet, earlier today, I happened to stumble across this on the…