Expanding Your Research Materials, Part 4

The past few weeks, we’ve considered how to expand your research materials by using: Libraries generally near you, Specifically your school’s library, and Online repositories like Internet Archive and books.logos.com. These online repositories like we discussed last week are great for getting access to public-domain titles. But what if you need something that is still […]

Godet’s “Première épitre aux Corinthiens”

Google Books has full-text PDFs available for both volumes of Frédéric Godet’s Première épitre aux Corinthiens: Volume 1 Volume 2 [zotpress items=”BXJZ275R” style=”society-of-biblical-literature-fullnote-bibliography” cite=”yes”]

Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on the Twelve Prophets

Cyril of Alexandria (d. 444) probably wrote his Commentary on the Twelve Prophets sometime before 428 (ODCC, s.v. “Cyril, St”; Robert C. Hill, trans., Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on the Twelve, 1:4). The commentary is available in J.-P. Migne’s Patrologia Graeca via Documenta Catholica Omnia: Volume 71 Volume 72 The two-volume critical edition of Philip […]

A history and future of Google Books

Scott Rosenberg has an interesting essay that traces the rise, development and possible future of Google Books and, to a lesser extent, similar efforts like Internet Archive and HathiTrust. Rosenberg’s narrative is largely one of decreasing momentum. He comments, There are plenty of other explanations for the dampening of Google’s ardor [for Google Books]: The […]

Septuagint on Google Books

Google Books has volume 1, part 1 of the Cambridge Septuagint available as a free, full-text PDF. Also available is Hatch and Redpath’s concordance to the Septuagint and its accompanying supplement. Hatch and Redpath’s work does have some difficulties. But it can still prove to be a useful tool if cross-checked adequately.