Tag: General Hermeneutics

  • Facing Hermeneutics

    Craig Keener shares the following humorous diagram:

  • Aristotle's Organon on LibriVox

    Using Owen’s translation, LibriVox recordings have also been made available for Categories, Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics.

  • Kristeva’s Website

    With a hat tips to Carolyn Sharp’s Wrestling with the Word, 32n20, and Phillip Camp’s review of the book in the most recent RBL newsletter, Julia Kristeva has a website on which she has made available a number of resources, mostly in French and English.

  • Gadamer on Prejudicial Frameworks

    According to Hans-Georg Gadamer, Prejudices [i.e., prejudgments] are not necessarily unjustified and erroneous, so that they inevitably distort the truth. In fact, the historicity of our existence entails that prejudices, in the literal sense of the word [i.e., prejudgments], constitute the directedness of our whole ability to experience. Prejudices are biases of our openness to…

  • Et tu, Brute . . . Facts

    In the introduction to the second edition of Cornelius Van Til’s Christian Apologetics, Bill Edgar helpfully summarizes Van Til’s perspective on “brute facts”: For Van Til . . . there could never be isolated self-evident arguments or brute facts, because everything comes in a framework. That is why he calls his approach the “indirect method.”…

  • Letting Paul Be Paul

    In his Romans commentary, F. F. Bruce gives the following, sound advice for those who want to understand Paul better: We may agree or disagree with Paul, but we must do him the justice of letting him hold and teach his own beliefs, and not distort his beliefs into conformity with what we should prefer…