Tag: General Hermeneutics

  • Facing Hermeneutics

    Craig Keener shares the following humorous diagram:

  • Aristotle's Organon on LibriVox

    Using Owen’s translation, LibriVox recordings have also been made available for Categories, Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics.

  • Kristeva’s Website

    With a hat tips to Carolyn Sharp’s Wrestling with the Word, 32n20, and Phillip Camp’s review of the book in the most recent RBL newsletter, Julia Kristeva has a website on which she has made available a number of resources, mostly in French and English.

  • Gadamer on Prejudicial Frameworks

    According to Hans-Georg Gadamer, Prejudices [i.e., prejudgments] are not necessarily unjustified and erroneous, so that they inevitably distort the truth. In fact, the historicity of our existence entails that prejudices, in the literal sense of the word [i.e., prejudgments], constitute the directedness of our whole ability to experience. Prejudices are biases of our openness to…

  • Aristotle’s “Organon”

    Aristotle’s “Organon”

    Google Books has available Octavius Owen’s two-volume translation of Aristotle’s Organon. Volume 1 (1901) includes Categories, Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics. Volume 2 (1902) includes Topics and Sophistical Refutations with Porphyry’s introduction to Aristotle. Header image provided by Wikipedia

  • Et tu, Brute . . . Facts

    In the introduction to the second edition of Cornelius Van Til’s Christian Apologetics, Bill Edgar helpfully summarizes Van Til’s perspective on “brute facts”: For Van Til . . . there could never be isolated self-evident arguments or brute facts, because everything comes in a framework. That is why he calls his approach the “indirect method.”…