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  • How to Be Present Online

    How to Be Present Online

    If “online” means “moving away,” it supports checking out. But where it means “moving toward,” it can be a powerful way of being present.

  • Theology’s Hermeneutic Interest

    H.-G. Gadamer concludes his essay on “The Universality of the Hermeneutical Problem” by commenting on the importance of language, with an interestingly theological turn. Gadamer suggests, The … building up of our own world in language persists whenever we want to say something to each other. The result is the actual relationship of men to…

  • Babyak, “Teaching strategy for a Christian virtual environment”

    I’ve recently had the opportunity of working through Andrew Babyak’s article, “A Teaching Strategy for a Christian Virtual Environment” (Journal of Research in Christian Education 24, no. 1 [2015]: 63–77). A number of Babyak’s reflections are quite insightful and helpful. According to the abstract, The current landscape in education is changing rapidly as online learning…

  • Google Classroom

    As an interesting new addition to its Apps for Education platform, Google is working toward a full September release for “Classroom”: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUiLc0If0CI] For more information or to apply to join the initial Classroom preview group, please see the Google Classroom site.