Tag: Editio Critica Maior

  • Daily Gleanings (12 June 2019)

    Larry Hurtado surveys recent work on early Christian scholarship, primarily in Alexandria. INTF discusses the treatment of patristic citations in ECM.

  • Daily Gleanings (16 May 2019)

    Cambridge and Heidelberg are partnering over medieval manuscript digitization. HT: Peter Gurry Peter Gurry discusses plans for NA29 and UBS6, and Tommy Wasserman adds a particularly helpful comment about the ECM volume for John.

  • The Major Critical Edition Data for Acts Is Online

    At the 2017 SBL, Holger Strutwolf made the Editio Critica Maior data for Acts freely available online. According to Peter Gurry’s report: There are features in the interface for commenting on the variant unit and a link that will take you to the local stemma and coherence modules for said variant unit. There is also an…

  • Logical Impossibility in ECM

    Peter Gurry reflects on the “logical impossibility” criterion that feeds into the Editio Critica Maior‘s account of “variants”: The Editio Critica Maior defines a “variant” as a reading that is both “grammatically correct and logically possible.” If it doesn’t meet these two criteria it is marked with an f for Fehler (= error). Neither criteria…