Tag: Crucifixion

  • Biblical Theology Bulletin 43, no. 3

    The next issue of the Biblical Theology Bulletin is set to include: Carey Walsh, “Where Did God Go?: Theophanic Shift in Exodus” Mark T. Finney, “Servile Supplicium: Shame and the Deuteronomic Curse—Crucifixion in Its Cultural Context” Dennis C. Duling, “Paul’s Aegean Network: The Strength of Strong Ties” Lee A. Johnson, “Social Stratification”  

  • Carrier, "Thallus and the Darkness at Christ's Death"

    In the latest contribution to the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, Richard Carrier discusses “Thallus and the Darkness at Christ’s Death”: It is commonly claimed that a chronologer named Thallus, writing shortly after 52 CE, mentioned the crucifixion of Jesus and the noontime darkness surrounding it (which reportedly eclipsed the whole world for three…