New Testament Interpretation Has Moved

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After several years’ blogging at, the site has now moved into its own domain at All of the site’s links and RSS feeds should redirect automatically. But, you may see somewhat faster service by coming directly to or subscribing directly to

The Twitter handle has moved from @ntinterp to @jdavidstark, and the Tumblr feed has moved from to If we’ve connected on one of these networks, we should still be connected, but please look for future updates in the updated feeds. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo connections remain just as they have been.

Over the past several years, I have played with the language of “New Testament interpretation” in various ways on the About page. The new site refresh should embody much the same impetus but do so more cleanly and straightforwardly.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to do so again soon.

A Westminster Bookstore Blog Partner Program Automatic Link Builder for Firefox

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Westminster BookstoreTommy Keene notes the revival of an automatic link builder for Firefox and the Westminster Bookstore’s blog partner program. Tommy’s earlier Firefox search bar add-on for the Westminster Bookstore is also a very helpful tool.

Busiest Months to Date

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Although it’s a bit belated, I just noticed this morning that February and March have been the busiest months at New Testament Interpretation to date. Thanks so much to all of you who have been interested in visiting.

Biblioblog Unit Steering Committee Formed

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Jim West reports that the steering committee for the Society of Biblical Literature’s Biblioblog Program Unit has been formed. The committee will initially consist of April DeConick, Mark Goodacre, Stephanie Fisher, and Robert Cargill. The committee will begin working with plans for the 2010 SBL meeting in Atlanta.

Update: Christian Brady has also joined the steering committee.

HT: Mark Goodacre